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Home made pasta makes lasagna
By Jody Ciufo

I normally don’t bother with take-out lasagna because of the sad fact that most of it isn’t very good.  The world that comes to mind is “glubby”.  OK, so it isn’t actually a word.  But who can picture what it means: pasta, sauce and cheese that bland, gluey and kind clumped together with no texture or bite to speak of, but not entirely inedible.  And who among us hasn’t eaten all too many dishes that fit this descriptor.

What a delight then to find a light and savoury lasagna – a truly elegant layering of flavours and textures the way a lasagna is supposed to be.  Unlike long-simmering sauces which can be end up tasting little better than canned , Fettuccine’s owner Lucho Yabar uses a quick-cooked sauce that retains both the shapes and the flavours of the individual ingredients. Clearly visible are hunks of tomatoes and strips of green herbs mixed with slices of garlic cooked just long enough to lose its bite, but not its character.  Good quality olive oil brings the elements together for a sauce that complements the pasta and cheese, rather than overwhelming it. It’s no wonder both the vegetable and the Bolognese lasagnas sell out quickly at $ 4.49 and $ 4.49 per single serving.

There are a variety of salads to round out the meal.  On a recent visit, we choose a mixed vegetable salad with broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and carrots lightly dressed in a subtle herb vinaigrette .  The artichoke salad was delicious with a creamy pesto sauce and a handful of pine nuts tossed in for textural interests.  Pasta salads, like the popular capelletti with sun-dried tomatoes and four cheese, make a great main course for the warmer days of summer.  The salads range from $1.49 to $1.99 for 100 grams.

In 1998, Fettuccine’s moved from Bank Street location it has occupied for almost 15 years and closed its restaurant doors permanently.  In the new Elgin digs, the shop does only take-out foods and speciality catering.  Along with over-ready foods such as veal and chicken dishes, there is an array of fresh pasta with many different sauces available for sale.  Mr. Yabar makes everything he sells on site.  Surrounded by a half-dozen speciality pasta machines, he works in full view of passers-by on Elgin Street at a wide marble table preparing the fresh pasta each day.

“This is a great neighborhood,” he says.  “We serve lots of single people or professionals who have better things to do than cook”.  We make life easier for our working clientele.

The single serving sizes prove this point.  Larger pans of lasagna can be had, but be sure to call ahead.  If you don’t live in the ‘hood, it’s worth the drive in on a weekend.  Don’t be afraid to stock up because the dinners freeze well and you’ll certainly want more.

Fettuccine’s , 280-C Elgin Street
is open from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and from 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fettuccine’s Quality Food at its best 20 years serving patrons in Ottawa
Mr. Lucho Yabar always eager to please
A definite three and a half Star Rating.

Recently, Ottawa By Night and its sister Toronto by Night Journal visited Fettuccine’s on Elgin Street and discovered a true winner serving high quality food at reasonable prices.  Under the superb direction of Mr. Lucho Yabar who’s origin is from Lima, Perú.  He has surrounded himself with a group of sous-chefs preparing daily fresh pasta, sauces salads and desserts with the highest quality ingredients at a moderate to inexpensive fare.  A little bit of history, Fettuccine’s has been serving patrons for more than 20 years in the Ottawa area.  Many customers have been regulars for many years following Mr. Lucho Yabar who is also a chef executive assisting and preparing fresh daily Pasta al dante for the most discriminative gourmet.  Fettuccine’s is in a class of its own in preparing food to take home.  All catering orders are presented on disposable dishes ready for pick up.

Let’s elaborate on the menu.  The Antipasto Platter is a definite must, it includes fresh, fresh capicollo, salami, mozzarella, kalamata, olives, pepperoncini and mushrooms with artichoke hearts, it is marinated to perfection.  The Chicken Breast is prepared to your liking.  A 4 oz of chicken prepared with any of the following sauces: the Sangiovesa is a robust sauce made from a reduction of homemade chicken or beef with a broth red wine, onions and wine.  The traditional Chicken Parmigiana is available.  All these dishes above are served with vegetable of the day and a choice of pasta or roasted potatoes and fresh herbs.  The take out Main Courses are all Oven Ready.  A good choice is the  Lasagna prepared for the Vegetarian or Bolognese style, layers of fresh pasta with mozzarella, riccota, spinach with tomato ………

Not to be missed is the Chef Four Cheese Cappelletti prepared in a Tomato Vodka sauce it is a delight the eyes and the palate.  This one recommends their Jumbo Tiger Shrimp, giant shrimp sauteed and prepared with a warm Mediterranean tomato sauce a definite award winning dish for its presentation.

Fettuccine’s Speciality Foods is celebrating its 3 years of success on Elgin Street, no wonder many famous local restaurants order their pasta regularly.  Oven/Microwave prepared foods to take home with a variety of over 12 different sauces for you to choose.  The Traditional Alfredo cream parmesan cheese sauce, the Alfredo della Casa, the Arrabiata, the Bolognese meat sauce, the Clam creamy or tomato sauce, the Pesto with basil spinach, pine nuts and olive oil, the favorite Tomato Vodka sauce, the Sun-Dried Tomato and Leek  prepared with white wine just to mention a few.   At you next visit ask Lucho for his home made lasagna Frutti di Mare  with the treasure of the sea with layers of salmon, mussels, shrimp and scallops with bechamel sauce, in an fancy Italian eatery one will pay double for same quality.  At Fettuccine’s all dishes are made to order, also frozen speciality pasta and prepared meals are available for gathering groups of up to 75 people.  For this little corner of Italy with its cuisine prepared with style and its ingredients of highest quality excellent food at reasonable fare.  The Ottawa by Night and its sister publication the Toronto by Night Journal at the service of Convention and Visitors since 1975 takes great pleasure in awarding a definite Three and ½ star Rating.

Story and photography: by Joseph Raymond Filiatr ault
“Joey, the Gourmet on the Town” has Wined and Dined in the past two decades over 2,000 top Rated Restaurants from Around the World .  Like Rogers, he has never met an epicurean chef he dislikes

September 18, 2001