We at Fettuccine’s have put together a catering menu in an attempt to bring you high quality food at reasonable prices, thereby allowing you the freedom and time to focus your attention on your guests.  Suggestions listed are offered as guidelines; if you have specific catering requirements or menu ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We will be happy to accommodate your needs. Please view our selection below….

All catering orders are presented on disposable dishes, ready for pick up.  Alternately, you may wish to bring us your own dishes, two days before the event, for that customized, home-made appearance.

Along with the items below, remember to check our shop for daily fresh pasta, sauces, salads and desserts.

All Fettuccine’s products are made on the premises with the highest quality ingredients.

Antipasto Platters (serves 8-10):
Assorted Italian deli meats and cheese
Assorted olives / roasted red peppers / pepperoncini / marinated mushrooms
$49.99 tray
$39.99 tray
Artichoke Salads:
Artichoke and pesto salad
Artichoke hearts in a creamy dressing with pesto, pine nuts and fresh parsley.
$6.99 / 250g
Artichokes Antipasto Salads:
Artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms, pepperoncini, fresh tomatoes, black olives, onions and grated mozzarella with an Italian dressing. $6.99 / 250g
Stuffed Pasta Salads
A choice of cappelletti with sun-dried tomato, garlic, mozzarella cheese and olive oil or ravioli and sweet red and green peppers in a light vinaigrette. $6.99 / 250g
Pasta Salads
A choice of several types. Ask us for selection $5.49 / 250g
Fresh Vegetable Salads:
Assorted fresh seasonal vegetables in a light vinaigrette dressing $6.99 / 250g
Green Salads:
Mixed greens, carrots and fresh tomatoes, served with a choice of three dressings $4.99 / 250g
Spinach Salads:
Fresh spinach, mushrooms and parmesan cheese with our house garlic dressing. $5.49/ 250g
Caesar Salads:
Served with our own garlic dressing, bacon, parmesan and freshly-made croutons $5.99 / 250g
Vegetables Tray:
Assorted fresh vegetables with two dips $39.99 / tray
Marbled Pesto Eggs:
Hard cooked eggs are cracked and set in red wine to give a marble effect. Yolks are mixed with pesto and piped back into halved eggs. $12.99 doz
Italian flatbread triangles with assorted dips $9.00 doz
Available vegetarian or Italian deli meats $6.99-$7.99
Many varieties to choose from $19.99 – $24.99 doz
Open face mini sandwiches:
Many varieties to choose from $19.99 – $24.99 doz
Main Courses / Oven Ready Products
Black Pepper Rigatoni:
Black pepper rigatoni in tomato basil sauce topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. $11.99 person
Spinach and cheese, beef or chicken cannelloni covered in our tomato basil sauce, topped with
mozzarella cheese.
$14.99 person
Spinach and Cheese Ravioli: 
Spinach and cheese ravioli covered in basil pesto sauce $14.99 person
Spinach and cheese ravioli covered in tomato and fresh basil sauce $13.99 person
Choice of chicken, Bolognese or vegetarian. $15.99 person
Cappelletti Quattro Formaggi:
Four cheese cappelletti in our tomato vodka sauce topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. $14.99 person
Wild Mushroom Rotolo:
Pasta rolls stuffed with three mushrooms, served with tomato basil sauce. $15.99 person
*Any of the above are served with caesar or chef salad
(choice of garlic or Italian dressing), bread and butter.
Other fillings and products available upon request
Prepared Chicken Dishes
A 5 oz. breast of chicken prepared with any of the following sauces:
Pollo Sangiovese: Pan-fried 5oz chicken breast served in a robust reduction of chicken and beef broth, red wine, onions and bacon. $19.99 person
Pollo Rustico: Pan-fried 5oz chicken breast served in cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, leeks and white
$19.99 person
Pollo al Forno: Breaded and baked 5oz chicken breast with prosciutto or capicollo, spicy tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella. $19.99 person
Pollo al Marsala: Pan-fried 5oz chicken breast served in our creamy mushroom sauce with Marsala wine. $19.99 person
Pollo alla Parmigiana:
Breaded and pan-fried 5oz chicken breast topped with tomato basil sauce and mozzarella cheese, then baked to perfection. $18.99 person
*All of the chicken dishes are served with our vegetable of the day, pasta, bread and butter
Kahlua fudge brownies:

Dark, dense, fudgy brownie flavoured with Kahlúa liqueur.

Layers of espresso-dipped ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese and chocolate.

$3.50 /$4.25